NanaimoNewsNOW article on 2018 WLA Draft

by Dan Marshall

From NanaimoNewsNOW

The 2018 Western Lacrosse Association Draft will be held this week with the Timbermen holding the third overall pick.

The Tmen hold four of the top twelve picks, as they will also select tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.

Nanaimo has boasted the last two WLA Rookie of the Year award winners in Chase Fraser and Ryan Lee, and team president Chris Bowman believes they can find a player with that type of pedigree in the number three draft position.

"I think we'll get an impact player who will vie for that rookie of the year spot. There's some high quality kids. Those first four or five picks are all kids that will make a huge impact this year for wherever they end up playing," said Bowman.

The expectation is that the first four picks will all be players who can make the Timbermen roster and contribute on the floor in 2018.

Bowman plans to address some key needs for the organization with this draft.

"We need another lefty offensive player who can put the ball in the net and somebody who can really distribute the ball," said Bowman. "We also need lefty transition D guys. The left hand side of the floor is really important for us to solve this week."

The Senior A Timbermen will also look to draft for the local player pool with some graduating players from the Junior A ranks.

Junior A captain Cody Clark and junior defender Chase Anderson are two players mentioned by Bowman as being ready to make the jump to the WLA.

On Wednesday the Timbermen will be setting up a war room in Nanaimo to participate in the draft.

They'll have a total of thirteen picks over the eight rounds of the draft with three picks in the third and a pair of selections in the fourth round.

Not only will the draft be important for the Timbermen to bolster their roster for 2018, so will potential free agent signings.

Bowman says there are also free agents out there with National Lacrosse League connections who may surface in BC, and specifically Nanaimo.

In 2017 the Timbermen were fifth overall in the standings, just outside the playoff bracket.

Bowman says making the post season is critical for the upcoming season.

"It's the only goal for all of us from the top of this organization to the ball boys. Everybody's only goal, only focus is making the playoffs. We add four great parts with our first four picks, we add two or three talented guys from back east, and I think that's the difference," Bowman said.

While Bowman and the team's braintrust are prepping for the draft, the players have already begun their work for the upcoming season.

Off floor workouts have already begun for the Timbermen as they get ready for the 2018 season opener in Coquitlam on May 26.

The WLA has compiled as list of the top 37 players slated for the draft.

That list includes three players from the Junior A Timbermen.

Player               Junior Team
Alec Molander Nanaimo
Baden Boyenko Coquitlam
Brandon Del Grosso New West
Brine Rice New West
Cody Clark Nanaimo
Cole Pickup Victoria
Colton Bykowsky New West
Connor Robinson New West
Daniel Smith Victoria
Daryl DeFreitas Nanaimo
Drew Belgrave New West
Eli Salama Coquitlam
Gord Philips Port Coquitlam
Greg Lunde Port Coquitlam
Jared Pozzobon Coquitlam
Jayden Campbell New West
Jeremy Bosher New West
Jordan Mckenzie New West
Josh Kemp Coquitlam
Julian Infanti Coquitlam
Kai McDonald Coquitlam
Keenan Koswin Coquitlam
Mac Dailly Coquitlam
Mason Pomeroy Burnaby
Mickey Fitzpatrick Port Coquitlam
Mitch McDole Langley
Mitch Stokes New West
Nick Chaykowski New West
Nick Jensen Delta
Nick Preston Victoria
Ryan Sinkie Coquitlam
Sam Degroot Port Coquitlam
Steph Charbonneau Coquitlam
Tommy Robertson New West
Tommy Scanlan Coquitlam
Zac Christianson Victoria

Goalie               Junior Team
Andrew Gallant Port Coquitlam